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Library Instruction at WKU is both real-time and virtual.? Real-time instruction is conducted either in a scheduled class lecture or in a classroom reserved by a Library staff member for presentation of a topic. Virtual instruction is provided by instructional videos created by library staff that are uploaded and available in the Library YouTube channel.

All WKU freshman, while enrolled in their GE 1000 transition to WKU, receive real-time Library instruction on how to use both the WKU and Kean Libraries to find books, eBooks, scholarly journals, and articles from a research database.

In addition, instructors for ESL 0405, ENG 1300, and other classes occasionally invite Library staff to present a lecture on topics such as conducting research with databases and how to use a citation management application such as Zotero.

Information literacy instruction in academic libraries has evolved from a specific set of skills and competencies established by the American Library Association (ALA) in 2000 to a revised 2015 “Framework” definition designed to shift from a perfunctory checklist of skills to information fluency, media literacy, and digital literacy. There is an ever increasing number of mental and computer skills required to be digitally literate, and library instruction must be increasingly contextual, specified by the assignment or circumstance for a particular student or class.? Instructors that provide the assignment and their expectation for class research performance will certainly get more useful and effective library instruction.? Library instructors also have access to tools to create computer-based assessments, if you are interested in an assessment that can be given to students after a library class.

Instructors also receive an “Information Prescription” pad which they can use to refer a student to the library for specific help on a research or information problem.

The Library YouTube channel ( offers instruction on the WKU Ougan Library catalog and specialized databases.? The videos contain accurate English captions. Viewers can stop or replay parts of these videos at any time.

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