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K-News| AIESEC in WKU wins an international award

In December 2017, AIESEC Asia Pacific Leaders Summit was hosted in Penang, Malaysia. Sun Yi, a sophomore of finance major from WKY, on behalf of AIESEC in WKU, received and brought back the Asia-Pacific product growth excellence award?under overseas

WKU DAY | In the rainy night, they express “love” in this way…

Typhoon warning brought a heavy autumn rain unexpectedly which accompanied the annual WKU DAY carnival to welcome the arrival of freshmen. WKUers’ vitality, passion and creativity collide here … The WKU DAY which was supposed to be held at the end o

The first session of Sino-foreign Cooperative University Association Leadership Summit was held in WKU

On September 24, the first session of Sino-foreign Cooperative University Association Leadership Summit was held in WKU. Leaders of associations from University of Nottingham Ningbo, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Zhejiang Wanli Universit

Keaners Tour You Around The World | Chai Jing: Be a Child King in Santa’s Hometown

Right at the beginning of my first year summer break, I waved my university goodbye and became an international volunteer in Finland. In the following 44 days, I assisted faculty of an architecture school called Arkki in Helsinki in organizing teach

Keaners Tour You Around The World | Los Angeles

The time I ever wanted to go to Los Angeles is when I was playing GTA5. Los Santos in GTA5 is designed according to Los Angeles and its surrounding area. This summer vacation, taking the chance of participating in an academic conference in Los Angel

Soaring, Flying | There's not a star in heaven the kites cannot reach

On Monday, April 10, 2017, Wenzhou-Kean University Student Association (WKUSA) celebrated the Qingming Festival by the grassy


Since March 7th, “WORD WAR II”, the second WORD competition in Wenzhou Kean University started. The competition expands range to the whole “University City”, attracted students in Wenzhou University and Wenzhou medical University to come

The first Student Club Festival came to an end

On March 16th, Student Government launched the first Student Club Festival. Executive Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Phillip Connelly, Dean of Business School, Dr. Cao Jiang, and Director of Registrar Mr. Kenneth Wolpin attended the opening ceremony, extending

Student Stories

At this time, there are more than 30 students studying in Wenzhou-Kean University who come from different ethnic minority groups in China. They are of Manchu, Hui, She, Yi, Miao, Korean, Tujia, Mongolian, Buyi and Gelao decent.   Hang Bai, fresh

2016 WKU DAY

On September 24th, Wenzhou-Kean University successfully had the annual event—WKU DAY, which hosted by Student Government. WKU DAY is the traditional and unique activity of Wenzhou-Kean University and its aim is to help students know more about their