University News

Acting Mayor of Wenzhou Municipal Government Visit WKU

On August 21, Mr. Xu Liyi, Acting Mayor of the Wenzhou Municipal Government visited WKU. During his visit he emphasized that the Wenzhou Government was, is and will be responsible for WKU. The development of WKU is placed as a top priority. Investmen

2015 Fall Semester Teacher Orientation

On Sep 9, the Fall 2015 faculty orientation organized by the Human Resources department, with cooperation by other relevant departments, ended after a 13-day process. The orientation started on August 27, with the intention to help new faculty member

A Collection of Papers Published in Honor of Chancellor Lu Shanzhen’s 75th Birthday

In order to celebrate the 75th birthday of Wenzhou-Kean University’s Chancellor, Dr. Lu Shanzhen, a renowned mathematician and educator, the collection Some Topics in Harmonic Analysis and Applications, edited by Li Junfeng, Li Xiaochun, and Lu Guozh

WKU Wins 2015 the Most Influential Sino-foreign Cooperative University

On December 4th, the 2015 Xinhua Education forum—Voice of Education— was held in Beijing. Mr. Frank Wang (Wang Beijiao), WKU Party Secretary and Chair of the Board, as well as Director of Office of Party Committee Mr.Ying Yonghong were invited

Mr. FANG delivered a lecture about Chinese Traditional Calligraphy

On the evening of December 8, 2015,the famous Chinese Painter and Calligrapher Mr. FANG Jiong visited Wenzhou-Kean University

WKU holds APEC the Voice of the Future Sharing Session

On January10th, the WKU-sponsored Start here Go anywhere—Listen for the Voice of the Future symposium was held in the Auditorium Hall. Three youth representatives participating in the APEC summit last November, Ms. Jia Xizi, Mr. Zhao Jiasheng, and Ms

FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition -WKU Division Concludes

During the afternoon of January 26, Wenzhou-Kean University held an English debate competition at the auditorium hall – the 19th FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition. Four teams entered into the final round after three round-robin prelimin

Warmth in Winter-- Student Ma Yonggui’s Sends a Thank you Letter to WKU

Mr. Ma is a college student at Huazhong Normal University, who graduated from Xiangyang No.4 Middle School, Hubei Province. He suffered from kidney failure, and his family was unable to afford the expensive treatment. This story was widely spread thr

An Intellectual SPA of Humanity and Technology Organized by College Students

——Wenzhou-Innovation Network in Wenzhou-Kean University Brought another Round of Brainstorming The auditorium of Wenzhou-Kean University was packed on the day when the 5th WIN speech conference was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. The event, founded

Serial Talk on Banking

——How to Deal with Sino-US Relations:The Characteristics of Banking On April 8th, we were very glad to have Mr. HUANG Jiannan, the Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Bill Clinton’s Commerce Department, to give us a lecture. The topic of this lectur