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2018 English Debating Training Program Accomplished

为提高澳门微尼斯人娱乐学子辩论、演讲、写作及思维技巧,vnsr威尼斯城官网登入英语语言中心于2018年11月17-18日顺利举办了为期两天一晚的英语辩论培训。来自外研社的两位优秀培训老师为学生们进行了系统的英语辩论培训。 Aiming to train students’

English Debating Training Program

Aiming to improve students’ logic building, critical thinking skills, and speech abilities, English Language Center (ELC) organized the English Debating Training Program inviting Xiaowei Hao and Ge Zhang, excellent debaters and experienced trainers,

Global Lecture Series | What is Advertising - Alan Rado

On February 6, Mr. Alan Rado—the owner and creative director of Adrado and adjunct faculty from Graphic Design Department at the College of DuPage—was invited by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at WKU and delivered an excellent speech a

Famous Taiwan scholar Zhu Gaozheng share his approach to Jin Si Lu

The more than 2,000 years Chinese ideological history?has produced numerous?writings. Some aroused fierce dispute the moment

Voice in Written Discourse and Teaching Second Language Writing in Context --- Dr. Paul Matsuda

Voice in Written Discourse and Teaching Second Language Writing in Context — Dr. Paul Matsuda Dr. Paul Matsuda, a Professor of Department of English at Arizona State University, gave us lectures on “Voice in Written Discourse” and “Teaching Sec

Look Who’s Speaking| Travel, but no only travel

Many colorful delicate cakes, some kinds of fruit and drinks were put on the desk. Time Difference Workshop was more warm and elegant with the yellow light. A wonderful sharing salon with great traveler had begun. At 7 PM on September 28, the fourth

On Mid-Autumn Day, I have a date with the moon

In the night of October 2, a Chinese and foreign literature reading salon – Read a book about the moon was hosted by WKU in Nantang Epoch Art Museum.?Foreign teachers from WKU and Wenzhou local culture personages shared the meaning of the moo


At 7:00PM, 10th May, the Golden Touch Exhibition grandly took place in Mifang Creative Park, Downtown Wenzhou. The works by Designer Matt Senna from Michael Graves College, New York, attracted WKU Visual Design professors, students and local communit

Learn Micro Expressions with Prf. Stuart

On March 29, 2017 from 19:00-20:30, there was a psychological session about micro expression by Professor Stuart in GEH D401. What’s micro expression you ask? Micro expression are brief involuntary facial expressions that appear according to emotions

Well-known Designer Hong Wei Discusses Design

On March?1st,?Hong Wei, a famous designer and member of Alliance Graphigue Intemationale?(AGI),?delivered a?lecture for WKU faculty and students. In the lecture,?Hong Wei?shared?his experience over decades as a designer including his career developme