Zhang Yichi: If every step is done well, luck will be naturally by your side.

Major: Accounting ???????Target school: Duke University (USA) If you open Zhang Yichi’s introduction during her four-year school life at the university, you will find yourself being surrounded by various scholarships: 2015-2016 first prize of

Zheng Kejia: Diligence: A Stepping Stone to Success

Major: Finance Future: Master?Degree?in?the University of Rochester (USA) As?her?senior?year?is?coming to an end, Zheng has received offers from the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Rochester. However, whe

Zhu Yuting: Learning is a Lifelong Proposition

Major: Finance ??Future plan: Hong Kong Because of a grade A given by a foreign teacher in her freshman year, she began to develop a strong interest in English speeches. From the speech contests of the school to the Chinese Youth Leader Competition

Yuan Wenxia: Confidence is the Best Gift from University

Major: Global Business Future: Master Degree in the?Washington University (St. Louis) With a pair of black-rimmed glasses?and high ponytail, Yuan Wenxia?shares many similarities with most girls of her age. It’s hard for you to imagine that thi

Xu Yige: Live the Life the Way You Like

Major: Finance At the moment she begins to smile, you will understand why this girl can be elected as the student ambassador with the best counseling ability and affinity as well as one of the excellent kiwi members – who doesn’t like an

Meng Xiujie: Being Down to Earth

Major: Computer Science Future: Gap Year “Step by step”is what Meng Xiujie used to say. He finished all the courses with only seven semesters. In less than three years learning in computer science, he sought out the direction of his heart and put h

Mao Yuanqi: Find Your Way and Keep Moving

Major:Computer Science Future:Master of Public Policy Analysis in the University of Chicago Mao Yuanqi still remembered what his high school teacher said, “You will not be stressful when you enter the college.” When he came to WKU, he was confused

From a Green-hand to a Future Interpreter

Major: English Future University: University of Newcastle (UK) The four college years has witnessed Dong Zixin’s growth from a novice at English to a future interpreter; she has received the offer of admission from the?University?of Newcastle Upon

Chen Lvming: Opening the Door to the Largest Design School in America

Undergraduate Major: Graphic Design ?? Future University: Parsons School of Design (The US) Parsons School of Design is the largest art and design school across America,?and?it is among the top four schools of design in the world, together with?Ital


Undergraduate Major: Finance Future University: Australian National University Chen Fengjiao, a girl of indomitable spirit, is always willing to make contributions and try new things. Before she came to WKU, Chen, who was born and brought up in Hube