Student Behavior and Management

Wenzhou-Kean University Student Code of Condcut

I. General Statement 1.1.Wenzhou-Kean University is committed to providing a campus environment that is conducive to student’s development. At Wenzhou-Kean, student members of the community are expected to abide by certain standards of conduct that f

Wenzhou-Kean University Community Standards Policy

I.General 1.1.According to Wenzhou-Kean University Student Code of Conduct, combined with the actual residential life, the Residential Services of Student Affairs Office draws up Community Standards Policy for residential students and community membe

Process of student absences

Attendance is expected in all courses. Attendance will be a component of the grade of any course if so stated in the syllabus. Students are responsible for informing the instructor in advance or in a timely manner of the reasons for their absence. In