Notification of 2019 Winter and Spring Term Course Registration

Course Registration for 2019 Winter and Spring term will start in December 2019. Before registration,?all students are required to?see their?academic advisor in order to remove the registration hold. Here is the detailed information: ? 1. When do I s

Dean. David Purnell

We Open Minds “Liberal arts” is the term used most often to describe the dominant approach to higher education in America wherein the aim is to educate the “whole person” and students are expected to gain a deep understanding of a variety of discipli

Study at Kean USA

/wp-content/uploads/video/WKU-to-USA.mp4 Discover American culture, improve your English skills, and advance your education by studying abroad at Kean USA for the semester or entire academic year. ? WKU students who apply and ar

Student Right to Know

?Verification of Compliance Requirement ?Source ?Link Undergraduate Catalog Course Catalog ? Graduate Catalog Course Catalog ? Student Handbook Student

Freshmen Scholarship

2012 Freshmen Scholarships Guideline I Objective The freshman scholarships are to encourage and attract excellent students to apply to the Kean Cooperative Project and to study hard. II Types Freshman scholarships of this Project consist of: first-cl

Student Scholarship

Wenzhou-Kean University Students’ Scholarship Implementation Guideline of 2015 (on trial) 1. Purpose The Wenzhou-Kean University Scholarship is particularly established to motivate students. 2. Scholarship Introduction The project has set up “Academi

Wenzhou-Kean University Student Code of Condcut

I. General Statement 1.1.Wenzhou-Kean University is committed to providing a campus environment that is conducive to student’s development. At Wenzhou-Kean, student members of the community are expected to abide by certain standards of conduct that f

Wenzhou-Kean University Community Standards Policy

I.General 1.1.According to Wenzhou-Kean University Student Code of Conduct, combined with the actual residential life, the Residential Services of Student Affairs Office draws up Community Standards Policy for residential students and community membe

Process of student absences

Attendance is expected in all courses. Attendance will be a component of the grade of any course if so stated in the syllabus. Students are responsible for informing the instructor in advance or in a timely manner of the reasons for their absence. In

2015 WKU study abroad program

In late January, 32 students from Wenzhou-Kean University arrived at the campus of Kean University USA to start their study abroad program. They will spend the whole new semester in Kean USA in New Jersey. In addition, these students may also have th