Jeff Poon, Assistant Professor

Name:Jeff Poon, Assistant Professor Course:Design Educational Background:?Master,?Kent State University, USA   Contact Me: Office:GEH A407 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Email Address:cpoon@kean.edu

Jane Hoelker, Lecturer

Name:Jane Hoelker, Lecturer Course:English Educational Background:?Master,?School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT, USA   Contact Me: Office:GEH B311 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Email Address:jhoelker@kean.edu

James Atkins, Lecturer

Name:James Marvin Atkins, Lecturer Course:Accounting and Finance Educational Background: BBA — University of Toledo; MS – Texas A&M University; Additional Graduate Work – University of Kentucky and Northern Arizona University C

Haroon Khan, Assistant Professor

Name:Haroon Khan, Assistant Professor Educational Background: Doctor of SCIENCES DE GESTION, UNIVERSITY D’ AIX-MARSEILLE Contact Me: Office: CBPM 319? ? ? ? ? ? Email Address: hkhan@kean.edu Recent Publication: Khan, H., Zaman, K., Khan, A., &

Tiffany Tang, Associate Professor

Tiffany Tang, Associate Professor OFFICE:GEH B511 EMAIL:?yatang@kean.edu COURSE TAUGHT:?Computer Science EDUCATION BACKGROUND: Sept. 2001 – March 2008? PhD in Computer Science? University of Saskatchewan, CANADA Sept. 1993 – June 1996???? MS in Comp

Robert Price, Lecturer

Name:Robert Price, Lecturer Course:English Educational Background:?Master,?The College of New Jersey, USA   Contact Me: Office:GEH C219 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Email Address:roprice@kean.edu

Dr. Robert Marjerison, Assistant Professor

  Office: CBPM B222 ? ? ? ? ?Email Address: rmarjeri@kean.edu Degree: Ph.D in Management,?International School of Management, Paris France. Dr. Rob Kim Marjerison is a former merchant mariner and satellite telecommunications executive. He has b

Robert Loebe, Lecturer

Name:Robert Loebe, Lecturer Course:Spanish 1101 & Spanish 1102 Educational Background:?BA, MA University of Delaware Contact Me: Office:GEH B215????????????? Email Address:rloebe@kean.edu I am a Spanish Lecturer at Wenzhou Kean University. Both

Richard Braxton, Lecturer

Name:Richard Braxton, Lecturer Course:GE Research & Technology Educational Background:?Doctor,?University of Wisconsin- Madison   Contact Me: Office:GEH B217? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Email Address:braxtori@kean.edu

Raquel Stuart, Lecturer

Name:Raquel Stuart, Lecturer Course:Psychology Educational Background:?Doctor,??Capella University, USA   Contact Me: Office:GEH C317 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Email Address:rstuart@kean.edu