Nelson Lyu, now Assistant Director of Student Affairs Office, in charge of all-round coordination of Student Affairs Office, joined Wenzhou Kean University in January 2015. He obtained a master degree of International Business from La Trobe University, Australia in 2011. After he came back to China, Nelson had also worked in International Relations Office (IRO) and then Publicity Office (PO) at Wenzhou University. He had worked on Friendly University Pair Program between Wenzhou University and Florida International University, and finally achieved a successful cooperation; he contributed to good causes which is caring cleft lip and palate children as well. For instance, Yuying Service Group and “Alliance of Smiles”; he also received National Third Prize of College “Good News”.

Yiyu Chen has obtained her postgraduate diploma in social science education from the Education University of Hong Kong with distinguish. She had worked in Wenzhou City University before she joined Wenzhou-Kean University. She joined the Student Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University in 2015, and now she is the coordinator of Alumni Office, responsible for the Alumni issues.?She performs her work responsibly and patiently. She has high popularity among students. Moreover, she has obtained the title of “ten best advisor of new youth work into community” issued by Youth League community, Ou hai in 2015, Excellent CLA of Wenzhou-Kean University, Excellent university counselor of Wenzhou and so on.

Hu Gangbo?had worked in the Registrar’s Office at Wenzhou-Kean University in March, 2012. He transferred to the Student Affairs Office in July 2013, and served as Coordinator of Student Affairs in October 2015. From September 2016, he takes the role to lead the Youth League Committee. From June 2018, he takes responsibility for student leadership center. Hu Gangbo obtained his bachelor degree in international business from Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland and master in Supply Chain Management from Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. His research interests are Youth League Committee and student affairs.

Xin Huang, he joined the Student Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University in October, 2015. He is responsible for the team building of Residence Assistants and residential college activities. He obtained his bachelor degree in ?piano performance from the Xi’An conservatory of music in 2014. After that, he studied in The University of Chichester and got his postgraduate degree of piano performance in 2015.

Freya?Zhou joined the Student Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University in June 2018. She ?work for the Center for Leadership and Service, one division of Student Affairs. Her?role is to assist all student groups in the areas of organizational development and program support. She was graduated from Kean University in Union, New Jersey, United States majored in MBA and during the two overseas years, She?applied jobs at Kean as a Graduate Assistant working for Office of Student Government and Center for Leadership and Services. She learned a lot of advanced management skills and developed her?American-educational philosophy. She will fully apply what she have learned at Kean to the function of Wenzhou-Kean, aim to create more international environments for our students!

Xichen Zhou joined the Students Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University as the Student Government Officer in March, 2017. She obtained bachelor degree of science in Applied Psychology from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. After that, she earned master degree of education from University of Cincinnati in 2016. She served as the Vice-Chairman in Psychology Professional Association at United International College, volunteer social worker at Father Ray Foundation, Thailand, and Psychology Assistant at Zhuhai Charity House. As one of the graduate student representatives, she won A Level graduate scholarship consecutively. Furthermore, she did an internship at L’Oreal China. She likes to play GuZhen and obtained GuZhen Professional Certification early in 2007. She strives to help to construct an outstanding WKU Student Government now.

Jean Liu joined the Student Affairs Office of Wenzhou-Kean University in August, 2015. She is responsible for the Student Conduct and management of students now. Before participating in WKU, she worked and studied in Zhejiang Ze Shang law firm. She obtained her bachelor degree in maritime law from Dalian Maritime University in 2013. After that, she studied Chinese business law in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and got her master degree.

Lin Teng, joined WKU since July?2017?at department of Student Affairs as?Administrative Assistant, in charge of file management,budget management,assets management and student one-stop service. She devote to improving student service processes, offering more convenience service for students. She graduated from EM Strasbourg university and master in management on April 2017.

Min Yin?joined the WKU Student Affairs Office in August,2018?and she now serves as?coordinator of Residence Life and Housing Center. Min Yin obtained her bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as second Language and Master Degree in comparative education from Zhejiang Normal University in 2004 and 2008.She had worked as student counselor in Wenzhou University before she joined Wenzhou-Kean University.

Chengcheng Yang had worked as a student counselor in Wenzhou University?before she joined Wenzhou-Kean University?in April, 2017. She is in charge of student management as well as student Party building. She studied in NEOMA Business School, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and was selected as Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province.

August Chen joined Student Affairs Office as a Residence Hall Director(RHD) in August,2015,?in charge of management of access system, insurance, conscription, assets management.And he also is the advisor of Chinese Club and Combat Club.He graduated from Soochow University and South China University of Technology.?And he was an officer of Weizhou Tourist Area Management Committee of Beihai City in Guangxi province.

Xinxin Xu, joined the WKU Student Affairs Office in August, 2018, as an RHD, responsible for the department’s e-mail processing, student dynamics arrangement, apartment health and safety. Graduated from Macao University of Science and Technology for master degree, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a second language and Zhejiang University City College for bachelor degree in Exhibition Economy and Management. Worked as an intern Chinese teacher at Confucius Institute of Dajean University in South Korea.

Yamin Cai,?joined WKU since August 2018 as a RHD. Graduated from University of Cincinnati for Bachelor’s degree in Psychology major and Master in Marketing major. Hold Marketing Research、Retail Management and TEFL Certifications.

Mingbo Zhang, RHD of Training Building (A wing), is currently in charge of RA recruitment, training and evaluation. Successively graduated from Shantou University (undergraduate) and Southeast University (postgraduate), having a bachelor?degree?of Science in Management Science?and a master?degree?of Pedagogy. Used to work as an hr in two real estate companies.

Sisi Chen,?Joined WKU since August 2018 at department of Student Affairs as Residence Hall Director. Graduated from ZheJiang Conservatory of Music as major of Vocal for master degree, ?worked at Middle Tennessee University of Confusious Institute as a Mandarin Teacher of 2017.

Sisi Zhao joined in Student Affairs of Wenzhou-Kean University since Nov, 2016 and worked as a staff in Counseling Center. She finished her study of developmental and educational psychology and graduated from East China Normal University with a Master’s degree in education in 2012.During her postgraduate period , she got the National Psychological Counselor(Level-2),and worked as?administrative assistant and school counselor in counseling center of East China Normal University.

Lichuan Jin works as a mental health counselor in Suntree Counseling Center of Student affairs at Wenzhou Kean University since August, 2018. Lichuan received her master’s degree in college counseling and student services from Kean University and bachelor’s degree from Wenzhou Kean University. During her study period in Kean University, Lichuan worked as a graduate assistant in the Office of Disability Services, and an academic coach in Student Success and Retention Office. Her professional experience also includes working as a counselor intern at Henry Street Settlement in NY. Currently, Lichuan is responsible for the client reception, international exchange students’ mental health service and promotion of Suntree?counseling center.