The B.A. in English: English in Global Settings is a highly flexible program of study that allows the student to use the generous number of electives to prepare for a variety of future directions, which could include graduate study (in linguistics, literature, communication, journalism, law, etc.), teaching foreign language, publishing, or any variety of positions in corporations and international organizations requiring advanced communication skills. All English majors complete six courses that form the Foundation Core, but then are able to begin customizing their program. For instance, those interested in teaching might take Theory and Practice of English as a Second Language to satisfy one of the six required “major electives” chosen from a variety of English courses, whereas a student hoping to work in publishing or law may choose to take the Translation course. Students are able to further individualize their program with the six “free electives” that English majors enjoy. For example, a student planning to work in the corporate world could take up to eight courses in business, or a student going into advertising or human resources could add a combination of business and psychology to their English major and graduate with a very unique background, attractive to both employers and graduate schools.

Aside from the formal curriculum, Wenzhou-Kean English majors have a host of student organizations and activities to enjoy and work in, gaining practical experience in debate, student publications, broadcasting, and community service. A partial list includes: Sigma Tau Delta, WKU Toastmasters Club, Debate Society, Literature Translation Society , Radio station, Kiwi News.


ENG 2101 Structure and Origins of English Language ***3
ENG 2021 Writing Process ***3
ENG 3101 Intro to Linguistics ***3
ENG 3021 Cultural Rhetorics and Writing ***3
ENG 3029 Research in Language and Literature ***3
ENG 3080 Writing for Cyberspace ***3


Choose any six English writing, journalism, or linguistics courses. At least 9 credits must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.


ENG 4817 Senior Seminar 3
Petition required. Students must complete all major English requirements and all but one of their six required English major electives prior to enrollment in Senior Seminar.