Wenzhou-Kean University 3rd Student Research Day

1???? 时间 Time 2018年4月18日早上8:50-9:30

8:50-9:30 a.m. April 18, 2018

2???? 主会场Main Venue

分会场 Parallel Sessions

主会场Main Venue:教学楼 B101 GEHB101

分会场Parallel Sessions:教学楼 B101/C304/C305/C307/C402/C403

GEH B101/C304/C305/C307/C402/C403

3???? 参加人员Participants 校领导

WKU Leaders


Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau


Experts from different colleges and universities


University Affairs, ORSP, Academic Affairs, Media and Design Center

教师代表 Aloysius Wong

Faculty Representative:Dr. Aloysius Wong

学生代表 郑诗楚

Student Representative:Shichu Zheng


SRD Faculty Judges


SRD Student Participants

4???? 议程 Agenda 8:50-9:00 准备

8:50-9:00 Preparatory Work

9:00 开幕式开始

9:00 Commencement of SRD Opening Ceremony


Introduction of guests

9:00-9:05 学生代表郑诗楚发言

9:00-9:05 Speech from student representative

9:05-9:20 教师Aloysius Wong代表发言

9:05-9:20 Speech from faculty representative

9:20-9:25 领导致辞

9:20-9:25 Speech from WKU leader

9:25-9:30 各位嘉宾领导启动开幕式的按钮

9:25-9:30 Launch Ceremony (LED)


The announcement of the end of SRD opening ceremony

9:30-11:40 学生分会场项目先容

9:40-10:20 Oral and poster presentation in different sessions

2:00-5:00 学生分会场项目先容

2:00-5:00 Oral and poster presentation in different sessions