Dr. Patrick Woock, Assistant professor

Patrick Woock

Contact Me:0577-55870454

Office: CBPM B212 ? ? ? ?Email Address: pwoock@kean.edu

Degree: Ph.D in Management, the University of Science and Technology of China

Dr. Woock is a Passionate Strategic Entrepreneur,?Idea Creator?and Thought Leader whom is driven to build next generation tools for?Transnational?Entrepreneurs. Skilled in International Negotiations, Global Business?Planning,?Startup Coaching and Sales. Dr. Woock was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)??from the University of Science and Technology of China. And has been received?numerous recognitions for his teaching at USTC and Tec de Monterrey.?Dr. Woock is also a Responsible, Open-minded and Positive?individual, gives a great deal of care for Nature and Society, Family and Education. Enjoys?Cycling,?Swimming and Running.