The 4th Hall of Fame Ceremony ended perfectly on May 5th, 2017

The 4th Hall of Fame Ceremony ended perfectly on May 5th, 2017. This event is supported by the leaders of WKU. (Secretary of CPC Committee, Chair, Board of Directors) Wang Beijiao, (Executive Vice Chancellor) Philip Connelly, (Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection) Huang Xianbiao, (Associate Dean, College of Business and Public Management) Cao Jiang and (Associate Director, Student Affairs) Yang Hongqing were all invited to the ceremony.

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During this ceremony, Student Government, on behalf of the school, presents awards to the outstanding scholarship winners. The awards were: Scholarship for Research or Innovation, Leadership or Public Services, and Culture, Arts or Sports, Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship, National Scholarship and Excellent Graduates. Besides the awards for excellent students and graduates, the awards for faculties are the innovations this year. According to the nominations made by the students, six awards were elected and more than ten faculties were nominated. The students vote for their ideal faculties and finally, six faculties won the awards. When Mr. John Prince won “The Most Popular Professor” and came to the stage to get the award, all the audience stood up and gave him an applause which lasted for a long time. The scene was very stirring, many people have tears in their eyes. Dr. Prince was also choked with sobs. He said“You are the best students I have met, I love everyone” The audience was moved.

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As a ceremony, there were also several fantastic performances among the prize presentations, which made the ceremony more attractive. The faculties and leaders also used their smart phones to take photos as a record. With the praises of faculties and students, the 4th “Hall of Fame” ceremony ended successfully.