The REAL Court Experience – Student’s First Court House Tour


On March 22, Brian J. Quarles, the Professor of Business Law, along with 30 students in his classes, participated in a tour of the Wenzhou Intermediate People’s Court.

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Professor Quarles and the students toured the courthouse, visited trial and family courtrooms, and discussed the administrative functions of the court.?They also observed a contested civil dispute regarding an alleged flawed architectural design of a building.

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Many students commented that they had never seen a courtroom, other than on television, and they deeply enjoyed the experience of observing an actual court case.

Finally, students shared that they were captivated to compare their first-hand observations about China’s legal system with their classroom discussions and textbook materials.

The event was coordinated by the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research (P&IR).




Content provided by Professor Brian J. Quarles

Edited by Dora Jin