Stay Young, Stay Swag—the Opening Ceremony of 1st Student Club Festival

Stay young, stay swag. It’s a catchy slogan to get people hyped for this event, as swag is a slang for ‘cool.’

On Thursday evening, March 16, 2017, Student Government Committee held the opening ceremony for the 1st “Student Club Festival” in the General Education Hall room B101.

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A band with four members opened the show with a song called ‘Lan Ni’, meaning ‘The Mud’ in English. After their performance, six members form the Anime Club cosplayed as different characters from a popular mobile game ‘The Yin Yang Master’. They shared the stage with two girls, who sang a beautiful song to the audience.

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The show had a couple of singing and dancing performances, including a duet song ‘I Don’t Want To Leave Forever’ by Zhang Zhuo and Wang Yuxuan, a ‘Handclap’ dance by the Dance Club, and another duet song ‘I Dreamed Three Times’ by the Music Club, a solo song ‘Once Is Enough’ by Li Zhen, and a solo song ‘Where Are You Now’ by Wang Yichen as the closing performance.

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To quote student Wang Yuxuan, ‘we have many different clubs in our school, but not every club can come up with a show which should be suitable for the stage. So the clubs we showed on the ceremony tonight are a bit limited. But considering it’s the first time, I think it’s good enough.”

The ceremony also had a dubbing show, in which the performers took turns to say character lines from the animations of, “Angry Birds,” “Zootopia,” “Frozen,” “Kung Fu Panda,” “Monsters Inc. University,” and “Despicable Me.” And in another performance, the Chinese Culture Club have three girls performing an instrumental to a Chinese animated movie called, “Big Fish & Begonia” with the movie clip playing in the background.

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The Opening Ceremony also had a few interactive games, and some lucky audience won prizes at the raffle.

The Opening Ceremony of the 1st Student Club Festival provide a great stage for students to show their talent and have fun. As student Zhang Zhuo said, ‘I feel it’s our moment when we’re on the stage.’



Written by Tiffany Marie Fu (Exchange Student)

Edited by Dora Jin

Photo by Jin Luyang (Moment Media Studio)