Well-known Designer Hong Wei Discusses Design

NH7A0076On March?1st,?Hong Wei, a famous designer and member of Alliance Graphigue Intemationale?(AGI),?delivered a?lecture for WKU faculty and students.

In the lecture,?Hong Wei?shared?his experience over decades as a designer including his career development and?his insights about design.?

At the beginning of the lecture,?Mr. Hong threw out a probing question, “What is design?” and ignited the audience’s passion to became actively engaged in asking questions and sharing thoughts.

Further Mr. Hong?explored what design means to him from three aspects: shape, texture and form.

He?believes that designers?in the modern?society should?be sensitive and pay close attention?to?the surroundings. A designer should always observe, feel and defamiliarize him/herself with everyday matters, and present common things to the audience in an unfamiliar way in order to strengthen their perception of the familiar.

His diction was humorous, powerful and contagious.

After?the?lecture,?the?students’?enthusiasm was undiminished, and?they couldn’t wait to?rush?up to Mr. Hong and ask for his autograph. Several students exchanged in-depth views with Mr. Hong. In the end, students posed for individual photos with the designer.

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Translated by Zhu Peiqi and Lou Zongxiang

Edit by Gary Linebarger