2017 WKU Student Research Day

A letter from Dr. Henke, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs:

I am writing to encourage you to plan for your participation in 2017 WKU Student?Research?Day?(SRD) – on?April 19, 2017.

Now?is the time to get together with one of your professors, in order to consider a?research?topic and come up with a?research design. ?The SRD may seem far away still, but in order to do the?research, have meetings with a faculty mentor, put it together in a presentable format, practice your presentation etc., you will require sufficient time for preparation.

Like last academic year, we will have an exciting program of presentations, poster sessions, project demonstrations, and creative works exhibitions, as well as a luncheon for SDR presenters and their faculty mentors. ?During that luncheon you will have a keynote speaker to listen to – this time, our keynote speaker will be Dr. Terry-Ann Jones, Associate Professor of Sociology at Fairfield University in Connecticut.

This is your chance to learn and polish your?research?skills, to practice your presentation skills, and to become better able to argue a case based on your?research, and in response to feedback from the audience.? This year we started out small, and I hope we will grow this event significantly in 2017.? In fact, many students became so excited about the event last academic year that as soon as it was over they came to ask about how to participate next year.? Well, the time has come.? Use this chance to learn and practice your 21st-century?research?and professional presentation skills.

I look forward to meeting many of you at Student?Research?Day?on April 19, 2017.

Who can participate in?Student Research Day?

All Schools?are welcome to apply. ?Those students whose project has been accepted and authorized in the SpF II are required to participate in Student Research Day.

Application Procedure:

Step 1: Please send?2017 Student Research Day Application?to Office of Research and Sponsored Programs,?zhuxiangxiang@wku.edu.cn?or orsp@wku.edu.cn before 16:00 on March 10, 2017.

Step 2: Evaluation Process
Step 3:?Poster and Slides sending before 16:00 on April 15, 2017.
Step 4: 2017 Student Research Day April 19!

Join the second Student Research Day?to share academic ideas, and?enjoy?research at WKU!

For?more information, please feel free to contact Xiangxiang Zhu (Elena) via?zhuxiangxiang@wku.edu.cn?or drop by Office B305.

2017 Student Research Day Application