Complimenting WKU Global Practica


A few days ago, business and marketing Professor Vijay Patel received a thank-you letter from Mr. Du Yucong, the brand manager of Kangnai Group, a leading local Wenzhou shoe manufacturing enterprise. In this letter, he expressed his appreciation for the WKU Global Practica team. ?In it, he stated: “I want to thank the WKU team for providing all these significant data and analysis, as well as the good professional suggestions in brand-building and marketing.”


Wenzhou-Kean University, as an important bridge of Chinese-American innovation and cooperation, is sparing no effort to contribute to Zhejiang’s development, especially Wenzhou’s local economy. In October 2015, Dr. Michael Cooper, the Dean of the College of Business at Kean University led a delegation to China and visited WKU. A long-term strategic partnership was established with local enterprises, aiming to help those solving immediate problems with volunteer assistance. Subsequently, the Global Practica internship opportunity for WKU students was launched. It is available as an internship opportunity to all junior students in the Global Business major.


After a half-year of preparation, the WKU global business program established a university-business partnership with Wenzhou Kangnai Group, our first internship partner in China. ?Dr. Patel led a team of eight global business students on their first visit to the Kangnai Group. ?They conducted a thorough investigation, sending questionnaires and seeking information both online and offline. ?During the two-week Kangnai Group encounter, students were studying brand marketing strategies for Junbu, a newly created Kangnai brand. The team concluded their project with a comprehensive market analysis report for Kangnai, providing valuable suggestions for their Junbu brand. Mr. Du Yucong, in charge of this brand launch, highly praised the outcome of this university-business cooperation:


“I really appreciate the effort that your team dedicated to this project. You achieved a depth of understanding about this new brand within a short time. By studying our needs and the challenges we faced, combined with the practical analysis and studies you conducted, many valuable suggestions emerged.”


Next semester, the global internship business partners will be expanded to Germany, New York (United States) and Panama, based on the formal launch of the Global Practica in June 2016.