Wenzhou-Kean University Community Standards Policy


1.1.According to Wenzhou-Kean University Student Code of Conduct, combined with the actual residential life, the Residential Services of Student Affairs Office draws up Community Standards Policy for residential students and community members. Wenzhou-Kean University resident students must observe all the terms of this policy. The objective, special provisions, and the hearing process procedure and sanctions are operated under Wenzhou-Kean University Student Code of Conduct.

II. Safety

2.1.Possession, storage, sale, distribution, use or manufacture of weapon, flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous, radioactive materials, or any substance with the potential to injure others or damage property inside residence hall is strictly prohibited.

2.2.Setting or fueling a fire of any size, or using electrical appliances to cook food in any area of residence hall is strictly prohibited.

2.3.Using any high-power, unsafe electrical appliances or equipment with the potential to cause circuit interruption or security threat inside residence hall is prohibited.

2.4.Students should properly use any kinds of electrical appliances, shut off the power when finish using or leave the room.

2.5.Blocking exit doors, hallways, walkways or open entrance is strictly prohibited.

2.6.Students should pay attention to and report any potential factors that may cause fire hazard or any emergency cases. Intentionally providing false report of a fire or other emergency is strictly prohibited.

2.7.Intentionally staying dormitory or interfering others to evacuate the building during the fire alarm evacuations is strictly prohibited. Students should follow the Wenzhou-Kean University Emergency Procedure for Students to evacuate the buildings.

2.8.Electronic security door and Access Control System are both applied to residence hall and student dormitory, student should carry E-Card all the times. Giving to others or making fake card is strictly prohibited.

2.9.Failure to shut the entrance door or intentionally leaving the door open when enter or leave residence hall after 23:00 at night is strictly prohibited.

2.10.Students should lock the doors and windows when leave the dormitory. Entering or leaving residence hall, dormitory or other restriction areas through the windows, or by climbing the exterior of the building or breaking the doors or windows is strictly prohibited.

2.11.Students should comply with professional staffs to conduct compulsory, regular security inspection. Intentionally refusing, interfering, misleading the university officials to conduct their normal duties is prohibited.

III. Sanitation, Environment and Health

3.1.Students should keep the room clean and tidy, and schedule the cleaning plan according to the Roommate Agreement.

3.2.Students should take daily indoor waste materials to the garbage room. Laying the garbage on the corridor, public areas or perpetually inside the room is prohibited.

3.3.Unauthorized modifying of the dormitory layout, indoor furniture or facilities, or water, circuit or network system is strictly prohibited.

3.4.Posting of any type of posters or graffiti with the potential to damage the walls or furniture inside dormitory is prohibited.

3.5.Students should comply with professional staffs to conduct compulsory, regular sanitation inspection. Intentionally refusing, interfering, misleading the university officials to conduct their normal duties is prohibited.

3.6.Keeping any animals or pets in residence hall is prohibited (expect for fish that are contained in a tank). Students who wish to request an exception must submit documentation to the Student Affairs Office.

3.7.Drinking any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Intemperance or distribution, sale of any alcoholic substance inside residence hall is strictly prohibited.

3.8.Smoking, taking drugs or gambling inside residence hall is strictly prohibited. Possession, distribute or sale of any illicit drugs is strictly prohibited.

IV. Public Areas and Public Awareness

4.1.Student should properly use public facilities and properties. Possession, modifying public properties, or stacking personal stuff in public area is prohibited.

4.2.Student should keep public areas clean and energy saving, and should take out the trash and turn the electric power off when leave the room.

4.3.Student should properly use the facilities in the public kitchen, keep it clean when finish using. Possession, modifying kitchen facilities is prohibited.

4.4.Student should properly use the washer in the laundry room. Unauthorized movement of others’ clothes is prohibited.

4.5.Posters or graffiti outside the authorized posting areas is prohibited.

4.6.Any dangerous or noisy sports activity in the residence hall is prohibited.

4.7.Any means of transportations, including bicycles and skateboards in the residence hall are prohibited.

4.8.Students should be responsible for others’ living environment. Any noisy, disturbing, assaulting behaviors are not allowed to affect others’ studying or resting.

4.9.Quiet Hour: Sun-Thu23:00-08:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-08:00. Any resting- disturbing behaviors or activities are prohibited during the quiet hour.

V. Guests

5.1.Providing accommodation for opposite gender students or accommodating in the room of opposite gender students is strictly prohibited. Staying in the room of opposite gender students after 22:00 to affect other roommates’ living is prohibited.

5.2.Any unauthorized accommodation of guest from outside of campus is prohibited. Students should apply and get approval from Student Affairs Office.

5.3.Student should supervise his/her guests to obey all the policies. Accommodation right of the guest will be abolished immediately when the policies are disobeyed. Any consequences caused should be taken by this student.

5.4.If the student is not on campus, the staying of his/her guests is prohibited.

VI. Moral Obligation

6.1.Damaging, or breaking university properties is strictly prohibited. If there is any cost occurred, student needs to pay accordingly.

6.2.Throwing, dropping, placing any potential dangerous items out of doors or windows is strictly prohibited.

6.3.Physical hurt or group fight is strictly prohibited.

6.4.Stealing, possession of others’ private properties or university properties is strictly prohibited.

6.5.Overuse or misuse network system is strictly prohibited.

6.6.Unauthorized commercial/beneficial behaviors or activities are strictly prohibited.

6.7.Students should report the potential/existed violations to Student Affairs Office. Intentionally false report is prohibited.

6.8.Students should comply with professional staffs for regular administration conduction. Intentionally refusing, interfering, or misleading conduction is prohibited.

6.9.Students should obey all the rules of Roommate Agreement.

VII. Ask for Leave, Live off Campus, Termination

7.1.Students should report to Student Affairs Office via reslife@wku.edu.cn to ask for leave of residence, dates of leaving and coming back should be included.

7.2.Student who asks for leaves should keep reachable; roommates of his/her should keep in touch with this student.

7.3.Student is regarded as Lost of Contact when he/she spends night out without telling others and unreachable, or he/she doesn’t come back to the campus on time as his/her report of leaving and unreachable, Student Affairs Office should be informed immediately.

7.4.Student should apply for and get approval from Student Affairs Office if he/she wants to live off campus.

7.5.Student who terminates campus residence should put on records to Student Affairs Office. Property, electricity and water fees will be settled by Assets Management Department accordingly.

7.6.Students who have dropped out the campus residence have to move out personal properties as soon as possible. Storing personal properties in room or moving back without permission is prohibited.

7.7.Student who has been assessed as not eligible to live on campus residence because of healthy issues (exp. Pregnancy, physical sickness, infectious disease, and mental sickness) must live off campus.

7.8.Students who stay in residence area of other universities must obey the policies of both sides.

VIII. Supplementary provisions

8.1.The Community Standards Policy applies to all the students and guests.

8.2.The Community Standards Policy comes into operation immediately when it is published.

8.3.Student Affairs Office preserves all rights to explain this policy.