Founding Conference of Wenzhou-Kean University Association of Student Entrepreneurs

Wenzhou-Kean University Association of Student Entrepreneurs is a student organization which dedicates to help and assist student entrepreneurs with a wide range of services. It offers a reliable platform which attracts and brings successful entrepreneurs, experienced instructors to the campus, and offers specialized training and start-up preparation. Recently, Wenzhou-Kean University Association of Student Entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred as WKU ASE) has finished the first selection of stewards.

WKU ASE held its Founding Conference on Jan. 8th 2015, Ziye Zhang. The leader of ASE Programming Division, Mr. Jun Ye, the ASE Consultant and Mr. Jingtian Zhou, the CEO of Xunqian Net and over 30 students were present at the meeting.

During the conference, Ziye Zhang introduced the mission, structure and subsequent activities of WKU ASE. Jiajing Yang, who designed the logo of ASE, announced the logo and explained the meaning of it.

Mr. Jun Ye expressed his wishes to ASE and future student entrepreneurs in Wenzhou-Kean University.And he was willing to offer reliable resources to guide and assist the development of ASE and student entrepreneurs in order to hep them to make ideas into reality.

In the rest of the conference, Mr. Jingtian Zhou also shared his story as an entrepreneur who started his own business more than ten times during the past 16 years. After fighting for a long time in finance area, he established the Xunqian Net which has gained 10 million venture capitals recently. Moreover, Mr. Zhou introducedthe participants the basics of venture capitals,its importance for entrepreneurs and the key point for how to be a successful entrepreneur. In addition to giving the speech, Mr. Jingtian Zhou also answered questions from students in a Q&A session. And it is a great honor for WKU ASE to invite Mr. Jingtian Zhou to be the first Guest Entrepreneur Instructor to support student entrepreneurs in WKU.