Three-in-One Admissions Examination Held

On March 29, Wenzhou Kean University welcomed high-school seniors from different regions of Zhejiang Provinceto take part in its Three-in-One admissions examinations.

This year is the second year of WKU’s Three-in-One admissions. This unique form of examination features – among other testing aspects –“playing games while drinking a cup of coffee” continued this year since it attracted such widespread attention last year.

The structure and content of the admissions exams, which is now considered as a model, was reviewed and revised. This year, we optimized testing by introducing several new elements, such as English writing, Team Work, and Café Talk, with an aim to enroll more outstanding students. Students who were admitted by this examinationexhibited well-rounded abilities and initiative at school.

Numerous members of WKU’s diverse faculty served as examiners and evaluators, demonstrating their commitment to the recruitment and teaching of students with excellent academic credentials, motivation, and with an intense desire to master the English language and our academic values such as an appreciation of the scientific method, academic integrity, becoming life-long learners, creative thinkers, critical thinkers, reflective practitioners, and true innovators.

Students arrived intensely prepared for the examination and many of them were accompanied by their parents for encouragement. The American-style buffet service enabled students and parents to experience the excellent service provided by WKU as well as experiencing the unique atmosphere of an American-style campus.

With the applicants having grown to (over or around) 100 candidates, WKU plans to admit 50 students through its Three-in-One admissions process – 20 more than last year. English (ESL instructor in the international arena) and International Business are the two academic major programs newly-added to Marketing and Computer Science.

Vice-Chancellor Henke was pleased with the quality of students: “The candidates participating in the examination were for the most part of a very solid quality. It is important to us that they are academically astute, but also that they fully appreciate the significance of attaining a tertiary education in the English language and an exposure to international standards of university education, so that they can seamlessly fit into the global market-place or move on to graduate programs at Kean University and elsewhere in the world. By applying a rigorous and multi-level assessment mechanism in the admissions process we make sure that this exactly the kind of student who will be admitted to Wenzhou-Kean University. I welcome the successful candidates and look forward to their successes while they are with us.”

(Photo of 2015 3-in-1 exmination )

(Photo of 2014 3-in-1 exmination )