2015 Wenzhou-Kean University Student Government Executive Board Election

The second election of Wenzhou-Kean University Student Government Executive Board stared from the early May. This time’s election has three parts, which includes application, promotion and voting. The first two parts have been successfully finished. The voting part will start from 11 pm, May 18, through 11pm, May21.

Specific voting rules are as follows:

1.User name is your Pin name and password is your 6-digit Kean ID

2.Please select 5 members from the candidate list to vote

3.Click “confirm” to vote

4.Everyone could vote once only. You can’t change your vote after submitting

5.If there is only one candidate running for the position, you can choose to waive your right to vote. The candidate will not be elected if his/her votes do not exceed half of the ballot.

The voting is open for all students. Looking forward to your participation~!

Click here for voting: