Dr. Peter Boris Lerner, Assistant Professor

Peter B. Lerner

Office:CBPM B320 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Email Address:plerner@kean.edu

PhD in Finance,?Syracuse University, USA
MBA, University of Pittsburgh
MS?in Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

My childhood (till 38) was misspent on theoretical physics. As our former president I consider my childish trespasses being off record. (Note: use 谷歌 Scholar for computer-assembled/imperfect citations).

It was leading to nowhere: by 1995 thanks to the end of the Cold War MIT graduates were applying?to PSU-McKeesport and the like. I took MBA degree at Katz School of U. Pittsburgh and found a job with trading startup Strategic Energy LLC.

Should I mention 2001? Money spent for purposes no one could rationalize, mutual recriminations,key employees resigning or fired. You all watched “Silicon Valley” on HBO. After Californa energy crisis, fallout from Nasdaq bubble and Enron debacle, also 9/11, looking for the job in the private sector was useless. I earned my PhD with dissertation in Finance?from Syracuse University in 2006 at the ripe old age of 48. Since then I worked only twice: in LIM College and Rollins College, as a visiting professor.

We founded SciTech LLC, a startup (again!), an effort by my former boss from wasted?physics years, Prof. P. H. Cutler, Penn State (Emeritus). Because our company works on real?technology (harvesting of waste heat energy, terahertz and IR sensors) and not on improvement of?sex lives of teenagers and retirees through “killer aps”, multibillion IPO is out of question.

I accepted a teaching position at Wenzhou Kean Business School.l I’ve never been to China (or Asia in general) before but have been a fan of the Chinese culture since my childhood. Obviously, the green silk screen which adorned my childhood bed with red hieroglyphics predestined my fate in later life. Everything in China is on a grand scale. Middle school building could have been built by a classic of Russian 1920s Constructivism and the hospital has the size of an airport terminal.

Now you know everything there is to know about my life. I am married, with one child legally considered adult. Lists of who bullied me in the middle school, allegations of undergraduate cheating and premarital life–the most pertinent information according to reality TV, political campaigns and NSA spooks–is available by request on the need to know basis.

Selected Publication:

Coherence properties of blackbody radiation and application to energy harvesting and imaging with nanoscale rectennas (with PH Cutler, NM Miskovsky), Journal of Nanophotonics 9 (1), 093044-093044, 2015.