Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, Assistant Professor

Jerry 2

Office: CBPM B211 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Email:jechoi@kean.edu? ? ?Tel.: 0577-55870731



PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014

MBA, HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, 2005

MBA, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, 2004

M.E. INHA Graduate School of Engineering, 1998


Biography: Dr. Choi is a scholar, practitioner, and business consultant in the field of human resource management & development (HRM/HRD), organizational behavior & development (OB, OD). His research interest is “How to get people to work by themselves?”, and he extends this question as a key teaching and learning inquiry. He is currently organizing and coordinating the Kean Business Plan Competition (Kean BPC) at WKU. He takes the role of MGM/MKT/GBUS department coordinator.


Research interests:??His research interest is “How to get people to work by themselves?”, and he extends this question as a key teaching and learning inquiry. In searching for the new and practical knowledge in motivation of sustainable business and social innovation, he mainly focuses on performing empirical studies such as contextual and intrinsic motivational factors (work environment, organizational policy, behavioral intention, positivity, agility, and self-directed behavior). He published his research works at the International Journal of Conflict Management, Human Resource Development International, The European Journal of Training and Development, and Health Education. He also wrote a few leadership books such as “Kyogam (交感)-Sharing Sense Leadership (ISBN: 9788993225167).


Teaching Courses:

MGS3030 (Human Resource Management),

MGS3032 (Organizational Behavior),

MGS3045 (Commercial Development of IT: Innovation Management),

MGS4010 (Operations Management),

MGS2030 (Principles of Management),

MGS2150 (Business Statistics & Application),

Strategic Management



Choi, J. (2019). Let’s Agree to Disagree: The Impact of Perceptual Gap of Work Environment on Self-directed Employee Behavior. International Journal of Conflict Management (Finally Accepted on April 16, 2019, In-Print, DOI: 10.1108/IJCMA-02-2019-0037), special edition – Conflict Management in Engineering. [SSCI, Impact Factor 1.35]?

Choi, J. (2019). The Mediating Effect of Positive Psychological Capital between Autonomous Work Environment and Self-directed Behavior: Evidence from South Korea. Human Resource Development International (RHRD-S-19-00016, Submitted Jan. 29, 2019, Under review). [ESCI, Impact Factor 1.87]

Choi, J., An, R., Zhao, J., Mao, X., & He, L. (2018). Developing software piracy free organization: A case of an American business school in China. International Journal of Business & Applied Science (Sept. 07).

Li, J, Wu, F, Bell, A, Choi, J, Mehdiabadi A. H.? (2018). Talent Management Development in Confucian Asia: A Multi-Cased Study, The European Journal of Training and Development (https://doi.org/10.1108/EJTD-04-2018-0035)

Limbu, Y. B., Jayachandran, C., McKinley, C., & Choi, J. (2018). Exploring how structural and cognitive social capital influence preventive health behavior: Evidence from a Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) population. Health Education, 118(5), 370-385. doi:doi:10.1108/HE-09-2017-0045. [SSCI, Impact Factor 1.00]

Choi, J. (2015). A multilevel approach to self-directed employee behavior: evidence from South Korea. Journal of Business and Economics, 11(2015), JBE20150424-2, DOI: 10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/11.06.2015/002

Choi, J., Jeong, S., & Kehoe, C. (2012). Women in entrepreneurship education in US higher education. Journal of Business Diversity, 12(2), 11-26.

Choi S. B., Choi J., Lee Y. S. & Han M. S. (2003). Vibration control of an ER seat suspension for a?commercial vehicle. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, Vol. 125, No. 1, 60–68. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, NY, USA (SCI).


Professional Experience:

Lecturer, Kean University (Union), 2014 ~ 2015

Founder, UC-Smiles, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, 2011~2014

Business Strategy Consultant, Germany, Korea, 2004~2005

R&D Engineer & Product Management, BOSCH, 1999~2004