Dr. Han-Chiang Ho, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ho

Office: CBPM B215 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Email Address:hho@kean.edu

Ph.D. in Business Administration and Quantitative Method, Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M)

Originally from Taiwan, Han-Chiang Ho is a marketing researcher who came to the Wenzhou Kean University in September 2016 from SolBridge International School of Business, Korea, where he was an assistant professor in Marketing. He did his Ph.D. in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain.
Ho’s research concerns several categories: luxury brand marketing, the study of international marketing strategies, co-branding marketing strategies, and brand equity issues.

Han-Chiang Ho has published among others in Applied Economics, The Journal of Business Inquiry, and KEDI Journal of Educational Policy.

Recent Publication:

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