Robert Loebe, Lecturer

Robert Loebe

Name:Robert Loebe, Lecturer

Course:Spanish 1101 & Spanish 1102

Educational Background:?BA, MA University of Delaware

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Office:GEH B215????????????? Email

I am a Spanish Lecturer at Wenzhou Kean University. Both my BA and MA were earned at the University of Delaware. My MA is in Foreign Language Pedagogy with a concentration in Spanish. My BA is in International Relations with a concentration in Latin American Studies and Spanish. As an undergraduate, I spent two semesters studying at the University of Costa Rica and a semester studying in Seville, Spain. During graduate school, I was a graduate exchange student from the University of Delaware to the University of Granada in Spain. ?I have previously taught Spanish at the University of Delaware and Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I have also worked as an English as a Second Language Instructor at Penn State University, Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. ?A background in teaching English as a Second Language has been very helpful in teaching Spanish in China because the Spanish students at Wenzhou Kean University are using their second language, English, to learn a third language. ?In my spare time, I enjoy reading, walking and travelling with my family to museums, historical sites, and scenic areas of the East Coast of the United States.