Garry Gray, Lecturer

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Name:Garry Gray, Lecturer

Course:English (ENG 1300, ENG 1430, ESL 0305, ESL 0405, ENG 2101)

Educational Background:?MA TESOL, University of Southern Queensland, B. Hons. Rhodes University

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Office:GEH B319? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Email

Garry has been teaching English in various settings for almost 20 years and began teaching at WKU in 2015. ?Currently, he is teaching academic writing courses to sophomores. His pedagogy hinges on ?developing students’ independent thinking skills and guiding them how to critically analyze texts. ?As a career instructor, he has taught in various contexts including being a speech rater at an air traffic control tower at a Kabul International Airport, teaching advanced English to pilots under contract with the US military, teaching ?Task Based Learning at several petroleum colleges in the Middle East and ?Central ?Asia as well teaching English at first year programs in several universities. ?He is interested in advising students for research in the Humanities. Garry (recently changed from Gary with one ‘r’ owing to a 40 year old error on his birth certificate) has 2 children and 2 plants.